Call for Session Proposals

"Trailblazing in the Built Environment"

CIIC 2019 National Conference invites workshop/session proposals on all areas of construction practice, research and of allied fields. Proposals submitted will be for workshops and sessions offered at this year's CIIC Conference. This year's conference theme, "Trailblazing in the Built Environment," is looking for session proposals that present INNOVATIVE ideas, projects,  practices and technologies that sets itself apart from traditional methodologies or processes.  We are also seeking to highlight individuals or organizations whose efforts are on the forefront of "blazing trails" for the betterment of tribal economies and development. Submissions should provide relevant and applicable ideas and solutions for rural areas and/or on tribal lands in the following five tracks:

  • Track 1: Leadership and Governance
  • Track 2: Economic Development
  • Track 3: Planning, Development and Infrastructure
  • Track 4: Construction and Design Best Practices
  • Track 5: Certification Training

The CIIC Conference Session Selection Committee will give special consideration to interactive, skills-building workshops with experienced and knowledgeable presenters. Workshops and presenters must appeal to one or more of the following groups (but not limited to): Tribal Enterprises, Tribal Officials, Tribal Leaders, General Contractors, Subcontractors, Suppliers, Architects, Planner or Engineers.

Workshop sessions are 90 minutes (Introductions – 15 mins, Presentation – 45 mins, Q&A – 30 mins).

The Mission of Construction in Indian Country (CIIC) is to support construction management education to benefit American Indian and Indigenous communities as they increase their capacities to manage their own affairs while determining their own destinies. Our Vision is that all Indigenous communities shall have the technical capabilities and personnel to manage construction activities at industry-best standards.

Proposal Format

The conference session proposal form is divided into 5 sections. You may go back to edit your responses after you have submitted. All session proposals will be reviewed after July 15, 2019. We suggest you make your final edits no later than the deadline. We reserve the right to extend the proposal deadline and adjust the selection schedule, if the Selection Committee deems necessary.

Section 1: Primary Contact Information
This section is to collect contact information of the person who is the Primary contact. Required is best email and phone numbers to use in case of any sudden program changes (i.e. - room location, dates, times, etc.).

Section 2: Scope & Topic
This section collects details and information about your session.

  • Type of session (panel, presentation, workshop)
  • Audience level (novice, intermediate, expert)
  • Track selection
  • Session Title (10 words max limit)
  • Abstract (300 words max limit)
  • Session Description (500 word max limit)
  • File upload (optional, must have Google account)

Section 3: Rationale
This section assists the Conference Session Proposal Selection Committee with the rationale behind the proposal.

  • Why is the topic current and important?
  • Why this session may attract a large number of attendees?
  • Why the session differs from others; i.e., related workshops and conferences of similar topic?

Section 4: Presenters
This section collects information about the Presenters. Up to 4 Presenters per session.

  • Name, Title, Company/Org, Biography (bio-50 words max)

Section 5: Preferences & Survey
This section will collect your preferences and short optional survey.

  • Technical requirements: Does your session have spatial requirements or need the following: laptop, projector, sound, etc.?
  • Preferred session times (Thursday, Nov. 7 a.m./pm., or Friday, Nov. 8)
  • Survey (optional)

Selection Schedule

  • Proposal Submission Deadline: July 15, 2019
  • Notification of Selection: July 26, 2019
  • Final edits due for each session proposal (abstracts/Title/biographies/updated preferences): July 31, 2019
  • Deadline for Session Acceptance: August 15, 2019
  • Acceptance/rejection announcement: August 29, 2019

If selected, Speaker Registration is required. (Speaker rate is $345).


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Contact: Marcus Denetdale,