National Conference

Highlights from our 2018 national conference


2019 National Conference

November 6-8 | 2019 (tentative)

2018 marked a pivotal year for the Construction in Indian Country (CIIC) conference. It was the 15th year of emphasizing methods of achieving sovereignty through planning, design and construction. Defined as the inherent right to make internal decisions related to the development of tribal communities, there are a variety of ways that tribes exercise sovereignty in construction. Instances include: regulations-such as, hiring and tax policies, the protection of natural resources, and to broader measures which ensure construction projects coinciding with the tribe’s overall economic and community development strategies. Last year’s conference theme was Building Visions for Tomorrow's Tribal Communities: Innovating Tribal Planning, Development, and Construction. It reflected on yesterday's best practices and emphasized envisioning tomorrow's built environment through an innovative lens to build sustainable tribal communities. We've captured highlights from our 2018 confernece...

CIIC 2018 Conference Highlight Video