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Council Approves Education Departments Proposal to Work with Arizona State University on Three Grant Projects.

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Council Approves Education Departments Proposal to Work with Arizona State University
on Three Grant Projects.

July 12, 2019

Contact: Mrs. Ina S. Salter, Desk: 928.475.1606

San Carlos Apache Reservation – By Resolution No. JN-19-108 the San Carlos Council
approved an agreement between the Arizona Board of Regents for and on behalf of Arizona
State University and the Tribe related to the Success in Indian Education: Pathways Project,
Construction in Indian Country Assistance Program, and the One People-One Nation Apache
Language Project.
In presenting the three agreements, the San Carlos Education Director. Ms. Flora Talas,
“The STEP: Pathways Conference will provide a launching point for ASU’s partnership
with the San Carlos Apache Community. The conference will entail college and career readiness
workshops and interaction with current Arizona State University students, alumni, and
community members. The workshops will inform students and their parents about the support they will receive while attending the university. Following the conference, the Tribe plans to
continue to work with Arizona State University and the local schools so our junior high and
high school students have more opportunities to identify professional and technical careers
that are of interest to them, while academically preparing them for their chosen career,
building resilience so they overcome the challenges they will face, and providing college
and career planning.“ Ms. Talas emphasized “the goal of Success Through Education:
Pathways is to prepare San Carlos Apache students so they master the Arizona Academic
Standards; are prepared for, enroll, and succeed in postsecondary educational programs;
and apply their learning both in their studies and to everyday life so they are personally
and academically prepared for the 21st century.” Success Through Education: Pathways is a
four year grant funded by the US Department of Education,
ASU’s Construction in Indian Country Program (CIIC) will assist the San Carlos
Housing Authority (SCHA) housing revitalization projects. With assistance from students and
professors from the School of Del E. Webb Construction Management and CIIC’s network of
industry partners and professionals the program will provide informative construction sessions,
construction projects management workshops, and training sessions for key projects personnel,
community members, students, and invited guests. The purpose is to promote, recruit and train
Tribal members who are interested in working in the construction industry and construction
projects management on tribal lands and in the San Carlos Apache Tribal Community.
The third project presented by Ms. Talas was the One People-One Nation Apache
Language Project. The San Carlos Apache Tribe received a grant from the US Department of Education to implement this three-year initiative. The goal is to develop Apache Language
proficiency among the San Carlos Indian students in grades pre K to Grade Four (4) that will
lead to enhancement of the Apache culture in everyday life.
One People – One Nation incorporates the development of assessments and an exciting
curriculum and teacher recruitment and training, Although the program initially focuses on
grades PreK to grade 4, as the school-based instruction is developed, the project will provide
learning opportunities to students at the Middle and High school levels.
In addition, One People-One Nation will work with its partners to provide activity-based
learning opportunities in the community so students are immersed in the Apache Language. This
can include students developing programming, materials, and resources that are then used in
projects associated activities.
Chairman Terry Rambler said
“The council finds that the proposed addition will greatly enhance the understanding
between the Tribe and ASU by better serving the community’s interest. The Council extends the
appreciation of the Tribe to the President of ASU and the Arizona Board of Regents for their
invaluable assistance provided to the Tribe the agreement.”
The Executive Director of the Tribes Education Department will provide regular updates
as to the progress of each grant. If you have any questions regarding the three projects, please
contact the Education Director Flora Talas at (928) 473-2336.