“Growing Our Own”

Access to education

Studies shows student engagement programs and student support interventions will boost a college student’s likelihood of graduating. The role of student support service (SSS) units are “to improve retention and graduation rates, transfer rates [from 2-year to 4-year]…” (Dept. of Education) Postsecondary practices within institutions’ academic and SSS units play key roles in student and academic successes. There are three primary academic and support services programs that will support our students:

  • Construction in Indian Country (CIIC),
  • American Indian Student Support Services (AISSS), and
  • the academic advising office.

Like many academic units and programs at ASU, CIIC collaborates with external education centers, postsecondary AI educational programs and tribal colleges.

CIIC is the only industry-outreach program of its kind throughout Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering, Arizona, and in the Southwestern United States. CIIC has two major functions:

  • initiating student engagement in advising, career and industry mentoring and ACCESS to research faculty and resources, and
  • financially supporting American Indian construction management students through CIIC’s endowment fund.

Student endowment fund and scholarships

The CIIC Student Endowment fund was established over 15 years ago. It is not specifically need-based but assuredly academically-based. The scholarship is open every academic year. The scholarship award applicants are reviewed by members of CIIC’s Executive Board and Industry Advisory Council and recommendation is given to Del E. Webb School of Construction for disbursement. For 15 years, CIIC has disbursed over $515,000 in scholarship funds to American Indian construction management students. Currently, CIIC continues to support American Indian students enrolled in the Del E. Webb School of Construction as they endeavor to earn degrees in construction management.

Student engagement

The CIIC student organization (CIICSO) improves the American Indian student retention-rate through engagement. The CIICSO is an official ASU student organization led by an all-student Executive Board. The CIICSO Executive Board delegates membership responsibilities, promotes sovereignty in Indian country and degree completion. They collaborate with other student organizations to promote the value of workforce development and internships among their peers. It is completely student-led with the CIIC professional organization as a resource and advisement. CIIC connects CIICSO to the industry. Together, they provide mentoring, networking and internship opportunities that eventually leads construction management (CM) students to job placement.